Compilation: Good Mag, ESPN, Good Morning America, NBC, NYC Media

SBNation (2015)

Multi Show (Português 2009)

GOOD Magazine (2008)

Circle Rules Football: Experimental Theater Meets Sports

Alt-workouts, plus other sweaty fun
Circle Rules Football — The Road Ahead
Move over Sepp, the Hippies are Coming!

Making Up a Sport Helps Folks Regain Their Mojo
Met Handen En Voeten
Circle Rules Football - a whole new ball game
Whiffle Hurling? Bag Tag? Hey, It’s Art



What is Circle Rules Football? (NYC League)

Drone Footage (NYC League)

Cirkelvoetbal Antwerp

Cirkelvoetbal at Belgian Homeless Cup

VR Documentary - NYC League and 2016 World Cup

2017 Season Opener Pittsburgh

NYC Street Series